Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Blogtastic (or similar hilarious title)

So, I just watched Julie and Julia, in which a dejected Amy Adams decides to cook all of Julia Child's recipes in a year, blogs about it and basically has a happy ending. As well as now being extremely hungry, and wishing I could attend cooking classes in 1950s Paris, I have come to the conclusion that writing a blog is the way to fix my life.

I do this with pretty much every film I see - All The President's Men made me wish I was an investigative journalist. Save the Last Dance made me wish I'd never given up ballet and that I lived in a 'hood' instead of Surrey... goodness knows what will happen when I finally get round to watching Avatar - odds are I'll develop a sudden urge to join the Blue Man Group and convey the woes of the planet through interpretive dance. Probably.
Rather than try and complete all Gordon Ramsay's recipes in a year or something, I will attempt to chronicle my quest to find gainful employment/ somebody to love (though preferably not simultaneously, I'm not that kind of girl), detailing the many ways in which both these quests are failing, and how I try and amuse myself and stave off depression along the way. Enjoy...

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